LUCY is the innovative dispenser for honey, jams and hazelnut cream with an attractive and exclusive look, very simple to use and adaptable to any kind of room.

The Dispenser

LUCY is the innovative dispenser for honey, jams and hazelnut cream. Excellent for any accomodation , bars, café and cake shops.

LUCY is the new way to have breakfast, simple to use … in fact, with just one movement, you can stuff croissants, spread honey and jams directly on cakes, on rusks and on yogurts. Moreover, it assures a better freshness and fragancy of the product.

LUCY is a dispenser with an original and refined look and it fits very well any room and its features can never go unnoticed.

The reason why


LUCY is a brand new dispenser with a smooth and fine innovative design. The pureness of its lines and the balanced and elegant frame make the dispenser suitable for every kind of room. Its dimension and sizes allow the dispenser to be placed wherever it is needed and make its use very easy.


Honey, jams and hazelnut cream are selected at harvest and packed at low temperatures. GLUITEN FREE – NO PRESERVATIVES – NO AROMA – NO DYES


LUCY dispenser is designed to avoid any waste or leak of product to the utmost. The dispenser provides only 16 gr of jam, honey or hazel nut cream at once, instead of the 27 gr of product packed in the singular-dose packaging. The dispenser is easy to disassemble in each part and it can be easily and deeply washed and cleaned.


LUCY dispenser is a brand new Italian product, wholly designed and made in Italy, with high quality materials, to make the dispenser long lasting and easy to use.


LUCY dispenser is designed to be used easily and quickly. The jam bottles can be replaced in few seconds, with no waste or leak of product.


The bottle is completly recyclabel.


Lucy reduces the waste . The dose of lucy is  6 gr and its dose is standard.


LUCY  reduces the waste and the costs of the staff to recycle the single portion packaging.  It interrupts the theft of the single portions from the buffet.

Our lines

Honey, jams and hazelnut cream used in LUCY dispenser are proposed in three lines:

  • Lucy Bio line, which includes products exclusively made with 100% organic raw materials for the best wellness;
  • Lucy Premium line, prepared only high quality products, to guarantee all the taste of the genuine products;
  • Lucy Convivium line is the suggestion for a new way to offer the classic breakfast. Selected Raw materials used to keep the organoleptic qualities;