The Dispenser

LUCY is the innovative new dispenser for Jams, Flavored Creams and Honey with an elegant look, very simple to use and designed for any set-up. Excellent for any buffet, cafe and cake shop.

LUCY is the new way to have breakfast, simple to use.  With just one pump you can fill croissants and spread Jams, Flavored Creams and Honey directly on cakes, toast and yogurts. Moreover, it maintains product freshness and taste.

LUCY has an original and refined look and fits well on any buffet.

Why Lucy


LUCY has a refined and highly functional  design. Its high quality and stylish shape is suitable for every type of buffet. Lucy is easy to use and can be placed anywhere as needed.


Jams and Honey are selected at harvest and produced at low temperatures. Gluten free – No preservatives – No additives – No dyes.


LUCY dispenser is designed to eliminate any waste or loss of the product. The dispenser provides only 16 gr of Jams, Flavored Creams and Honey per pump at once, instead of the 27 gr of product in each single serving. The dispenser is easy to disassemble, wash and sterilize.


LUCY is an Italian dispenser, entirely designed and made in Italy with high quality materials.


LUCY dispenser is designed to be easy to use. The refills can be replaced in seconds with no waste or loss of product.


The bottle is completely recyclable.


Lucy reduces waste by eliminating unused or partially used single servings.


LUCY  reduces cost by eliminating the cost of recycling associated with disposable packaging and prevents the taking away of single servings from the buffet.

Our collections

Jams, honey and chocolate spread used in the Lucy dispenser are available in two lines:

  • Lucy Bio includes products made exclusively with 100% organic ingredients.
  • Lucy Premium made with high quality products to guarantee all the flavor and goodness of natural ingredients.