The History

Apicoltura Casentinese is a biological oriented company specialized in high quality honey and jam production. Since its foundation, Apicoltura Casentinese has always had the wide range of offered products and the high quality levels as its guidelines, in order to have a final product with an incomparable taste and an high level of genuineness and healthy features.

Born in 1982, based on the experiences made over more than 40 years of production activity, the company engaged itself in a direction of infrastructures and machinery development, staff competence raising and the creation of new products, concurring to create a forefront productive company in its field and reaching operational standards compliant of certifications as HACCP and ISO 9002.

In the last year, the company stood out for the strategic choice to have a direct relationship with the beekeepers with whom it shares the quality control of the whole productive spinneret.

Apicoltura Casentinese offers its range of products to a modern consumer, expert and careful to the quality, offering, on the one hand, an important High Quality Certification related to the whole honey production line, and , on the other hand, productive technologies are implemented to develop a jam making process that uses high percentages of fruit.


For over 32 years, the company has been being operating with the wider transparency and correctness towards its partners, customers and suppliers. Apicoltura Casentinese constantly checks the whole productive chain of the honey and jams so that it can offer the consumers a healthy, genuine and good product.


Apicoltura Casentinese has always considered the quality as its strength and the certifications are the evidences of continuous engagement in the improvement of the products and of the production process.

The certifications acquired by Apicoltura Casentinese:

  • Honey of High Quality
  • Certification of organic compliance products
  • IFS – BRC
  •  ISO 9001:2008
APICOLTURA CASENTINESE srl is in partnership with PanGroup srl